The Decline of Western Society

The western world is a mess right now. There are massive problems with the global economy, radical polarization is tearing people and societies apart, and it is increasingly harder for an individual to survive in these conditions that are harsher than we have seen in many decades. More than that, mere survival is not enough for many who want to make it to the top despite all this happening around them.

Explore what lies behind the problems people in the western countries are facing today, and do not allow these phenomena hinder your life. Whether it is skills, fame, or knowledge you want, look no further, and start here.

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Money, Money, Money

Can money buy happiness? How about a good life? Will poverty lead to misery?

Will greed become a virtue and frugality a vice once you give up on all the clichés you were taught as a child? Have you been lied to?

Despite being wealthy, the richest of us can sometimes share their good fortune with others – on the other hand, even Robin Hood was a thief, after all.

These are seven stories of human behavior around the ultimate man-made god and devil on earth: money.

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