The Decline of Western Society

About the author

I am Teemu Lampovaara, a security professional and author. Ever since 2008 I have been working in various demanding roles in the fields of security and risk management, including two tours abroad in high risk areas.

Besides the amazing experiences, those years have also included seeing lots of harsh conditions, pain, and human suffering. What motivated me to start writing was seeing how dangerously close even the first world countries are starting to slip towards similar conditions and chaos of the developing ones.

In my first publication The Decline of Western Society – Striving for Survival and Success, I focused on the factors that have contributed to the hard times and decline: e.g. economy, polarization, and politics. The book also greatly deals with the vast topics of personal mindset, philosophy, money, and future.

With the release of Money, Money, Money I am taking a stab at writing fiction with basis in the real world.