May 11th, 2024

Incredible ways of life

I'll admit that the headline of this post is somewhat high-flying, but I at the time of writing this could not think of a one more descriptive, considering the inspiration I had for this one.

(Almost) everyone active on the internet is familiar with memes, especially cat memes. A somewhat smaller group is also familiar with these rather ridiculous, yet at times quite accurate cat meme videos one can find on video streaming platforms. A while ago, I saw this one video which, however, did not resonate well with me. It pictured two cats – a girlfriend and a boyfriend – sleeping late on a weekend morning. In fact, they did not just sleep late in the morning, but all the way to the afternoon until two o'clock p.m. At that point, they woke up and decided to order fast food via Wolt, and soon had takeaway delivered to their bed directly from McDonald's. At that point, the sleepy cats turned into partying cats feasting over a McDonald's meal while still lying in bed.

After viewing, it felt and seemed absurd, basically out of this world. Somehow, that particular video stuck with me, since I have been returning to it continuously in my thoughts. That is because I came to realise that some people actually live like that. I get that it is entirely possible that we are speaking of western teenagers which on some level makes it more understandable (up to a point), but then again, I'm more than certain that somewhere out there are also grown ups living their lives like that. I will not go into preaching about the multiple ways I see this being entirely wrong.

On a larger scale, this also has me thinking about the ways people spend their lives on general. Do they actually understand that time is an asset which they will not be able to ever recover? Once gone, it'll have gone for good. And as far as we know, there will just be this one single life for us to live. From time to time, it is a good idea to take a critical look at your life and ask yourself if the things you are doing are the ones you want to spend your one, unique life doing.