April 7th, 2024

Lots of work and something new

The past weeks and months have been quite straining. Besides having mostly too big a workload at my primary job, I have been working on my new book project and moved to a new apartment. In fact, it is hardly a new apartment but a temporary solution in between actual homes, thus causing even more work in the form of planning for the future. Sadly, I am afraid that the long days are not over just yet.

On the other hand, my new book is now out! Getting a new piece out there is incredibly rewarding, especially since not nearly all of these stories in this one were pleasant to write. In fact, some of them I really struggled with. But it's done now and I am mostly happy with the result. Since I don't have access to physical paperback copies of both books just yet, I utilised Paint 3D to the best of my abilities to create the image above. It shall stay on my homepage for as long as it takes for me to snap a better picture of the books.

However, I wanted to add the self-edited image here as well. After publishing the blog post and even after editing the actual homepage, I want it to stay here just as a reminder that if you want to get something done, you mostly have to take care of it yourself. The alternative would be paying for the service provided by someone else, which can be a major hassle, too, unless you have a reliable partner already out there. There is so much more to writing a book than just the actual writing process. You might even find yourself doing image manipulation with free software (with the end result being cheap and having incredibly annoying mistakes, yet at some point you will just simply have to give up or never be able to finish!).

Even now, the work goes on. Next, I will probably be heading to upload the book information on Goodreads and some other sites so that it will receive the exposure it deserves. I will attempt to get more active with this blog in the future as well. For now, I have simply had too little time to focus on it.