March 19th, 2024

The challenge of having fun

Thinking back to an average day you had last week, do you still remember what you had for lunch? How well you slept that night? Or how your commute to work or school was and what happened during it? In case you had a particularly memorable meal, or especially invigorating or lousy sleep, then perhaps, but more than likely not. Most of the days of our lives pass by rather easily without leaving much of a mark in our memories.

Yet one of the meanings of life would probably have to be to enjoy our lives, right? At least to an extent where it is humanly possible. For many, that is not the reality of their everyday lives, but many of us are always looking forward to the next success heading our way, whether it be a new job, the upcoming holiday, or winning a lottery. It is easy to forget to enjoy the more regular moments of life.

On the other hand, I always like to preach about aiming for ambitious, long-term goals. For me, those provide the most satisfaction in life. The process of reaching those is never easy and always full of times which are not fun. So how could we remember to have fun in the process?

Then again, is it human to have fun all the time? Is it even possible? Could there be a reality in which everything we live through, touch, and feel is a positive experience only? I don't think that is possible. For every moment of fun we have, there needs to be a moment of anger or sorrow at some point in our lives. For that is a part of living, too.