January 11th, 2024

Five things to look forward to in 2024

Donald Trump with horns wall mural

Happy new year! Let's see what we are up against, or on a more positive note: what to expect this year. There are several highlights to look forward to, in which it will at the very least be interesting to see how they turn out, and they may even be events which will either directly or indirectly impact the lives of the most of us. Some of these key events will obviously still be unknown to us – only to be unveiled by the turning pages of time. Some will be revealed in due time as the time passes, and some will simply take us all by complete surprise.

But here it is, my current list of five things to look forward to in 2024!

  • Recovery of global economy

I can hardly imagine it getting worse from here. In fact, 2022 in some ways was even worse than 2023. However, the last year seemed to be the year when the current state of things actually began to have an impact on people in the form of rising costs of living. Almost all of it thanks to the panic and hysteria of quantitative easing to fight COVID-19.

I guess it would be more intellectually honest to say that the recovery that already has slowly begun will continue this year. This is definitely something I am looking forward to, for it affects the lives of everyone who is involved in any kind of economic system which is man-made.

  • Lowering of interest rates

This is directly tied with the former bullet point. Better economic conditions, such as having inflation more under control will result in the central banks lowering interest rates. Who wouldn't want to pay less when paying back their loans?

  • 2024 presidential election

It is hard to say if this battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump intrigues me more because of the actual political differences between those two elderly gentlemen, or for the sheer entertainment value provided by the drama, campaigning, debates, and the counting of the votes.

A satirical painting of Trump pictured above just for the sake of humor.

  • Direction of warfare

Humanity has never seen a day of absolute peace in this world. Historically viewing, there are countless wars starting and ending all the time. The most notable ones right now are probably between Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Gaza. The 'cold war' which has ensued between Russia and the western nations is worth mentioning, too. ​For better or for worse, to see where all ​this goes and what new 2024 is going to bring will always be interesting.

  • Development of artificial intelligence

The year 2023 saw the rise of popularity of ChatGPT, and AI clearly became a thing more widely known to the public, too. Just today, I read about Duolingo letting some of it's employees go and replacing them with AI solutions. This direction of things is ​hardly a surprise, and the rise of AI will definitely keep moving forward. Remember – development of technology is almost always exponential. It will very soon be moving at an unbelievable pace in this field as well.