November 17th, 2023

Get ready for it...

Image is screenshot from a video published by NBC News on November 24th, 2018

Decadence! Decline! Downfall! Darn tootin'! It's the world insanity day volume 1553 coming up right around the corner.

As a non-American, I am not sure if Black Friday has been such a huge event in the U.S. for a long time already. A quick internet search shows that it has been going on ever since the 1950's, but as a well-known phenomenon in the postmodern era, I have no idea. Perhaps it has been like this ever since the beginning? I, however, can remember the even gaining popularity globally only in the recent 5-10 years – depending on the country you happen to reside in, of course.

But what is the point of all of this? For the retail business, the advantage is obvious. A big sales event roughly one month before Christmas is a no-brainer. That is, if your store won't get run down or looted by people rushing in like a tycoon within the first second after the doors open. It is the point and the advantage for the individual people that continues to baffle me. This is an event decided to celebrate consumerism and buying all kinds of material and other crap, no matter whether you need it or not.

I can understand the idea of actually needing something, then waiting precisely for a big discount to buy it, and then buying it. What I don't understand is buying something just for the sake of low prices. There are assets you could buy instead, you know?

Oh well. Some do, some don't. That is what draws a big line in between two groups of people in completely different kinds of financial situations.

But fear not: you can find positive things in this part of the decline, too. The news headlines such as the one pictured above – or even better, videos(!) – can provide a potentially unlimited amount of amusement for everyone. Best of all, that is all free of any cost. Please be the one viewing the video, not the one playing a role in it.

Just as usual, my book and these blog posts don't offer any financial advice. This time, however, I will make an exception. This is financial advice: do not buy useless stuff you don't need, even if it may seem surprisingly cheap or affordable.