November 1st, 2023

Prioritizing use of time

a close up of a silver watch face

I have noticed I have recently been spreading myself too thin. For instance, I was supposed to be writing a new blog post yesterday or the day before, but alas, both days I ran out of time and energy. Sometimes that can be OK, and sometimes not.

I have decided that this time it has been OK. The main distraction I still have is obviously having to work for a paycheck. Besides that, physical exercise is vital not only for survival, but also for physical and mental wellbeing. That takes time. Even though I enjoy solitude from time to time, I on the other hand could not bear loneliness, so taking part in some social activities is also required. What time left after those main pillars are taken care of is what I have for hobbies, such as this blog. This of course bears the question whether this blog is a hobby or something more serious, if I can hardly find the time for this after everything else ranked higher in the hierarchy of my priorities.

One other thing that also lies somewhere in between the concepts of a hobby and a work is my current work in progress when it comes to writing: my new book. I just came to writing this blog post after finishing the first page of text in the fifth story in the upcoming book, which will include six novellas. All the stories will be fiction –  although based in real-life stories –  so that will be something new. If I can keep up with my schedule, I will have finished writing the novellas by the start of 2024, and be done with editing, proof-reading, illustration, and publishing by February. We shall see.

That all takes time, and this is why budgeting one's time requires scrutinous planning. I would not want to be wasting the limited time I have in something I have no interest in, or in something that is simply not worth my time. Even though blogging is not the number one priority I have, I already have a couple of nice ideas to write about in the course of the rest of this November.

Beyond that I can see that I still have nowhere near enough the time I wish I had in a day.