October 7th, 2023

Sweden in flames

a blue and yellow flag flying in the sky

The title is not a pun in reference to the Swedish band but a continuation to the earlier blog post titled "A forbidden topic", since we are here, yet again, in the throes of the same problem.

Let's say it out loud once more: immigration, the problem is immigration. Not all immigration obviously, just the kind Sweden has been doing for the past couple of decades. Whenever a society becomes too mixed with polarizing, radical and vastly different cultures, religions, and sets of values, problems arise. They may be smaller kinds of problems, or huge ones, but know this: there will be problems.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in Sweden – just as in many other ultra socialist northern countries – there are too few incentives to do anything productive for yourself or for the society. Why would you, when generous governmental handouts and social security take care of everything for you, even up to the point of providing a translator in case one is too lazy to be bothered to learn the native language of the country they are currently living in? Try to be an immigrant doing the same in some other place. You would literally die, or end up in the streets.

Besides this, there are naturally many other factors at play, too. Of course, the ones labeling this blog post as racist do not care. The only factor they can see is that it's all the fault of the Swedes and the "segregation" in their society.

What a load of crap.