August 25th, 2023

Election circus

USA flag

How lovely the theme of western decline is. It's been a while since my latest rants already, so let's get back to business. Out of the current superpowers of the world, the United States is without a doubt the most dominant one. Whether this will change in the future is something we shall see, but as of right now, this is the way it is. The other major superpowers in my book would be Russia, China, and India. So the only current superpower of western origin is the U.S.

Now, the world is preparing for the presidential election of the U.S. Since we are talking about the most powerful nation in the world, considering the power the president of the U.S. wields, this will in many aspects be the most powerful man (or woman) in the world.

As the year of the election is getting closer, we are seeing two of the most popular presidential candidates being involved in all kinds of scandals. The former president Donald Trump is facing various criminal charges brought up by prosecutors who are all affiliated with the democrat party, and who apparently have chosen to time the indictments conveniently just before the election year. The current president Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden has and is also heavily investigated and suspected of corruption. Also, the current president is clearly struggling with health related issues and obvious dementia which are trying to be kept from the public.

The drama is real and if it were about anything less significant, it might actually be rather entertaining. And don't get me wrong, it is. But if this is not a sign of decline, downfall, and degradation, then I don't know what is. Is this really the best that the most dominant superpower of the world can do?