August 15th, 2023

Economic NWO

concrete building with USA flags

What an interesting time it is we are living in. A little more than one year ago there was much talk of a recession in the U.S. The conversation about negative economic growth died off surprisingly quickly, if you ask me. It was simply declared that this is not a recession, and that's it. Now, there has not been much talk of a recession. In the past months, we have seen multiple banks collapsing, though. Both in the U.S. as well as in Europe. And I don't think there is much need to discuss what the world economy saw a few years back in the beginning of 2020.

Now, there is plenty of talk about the U.S. dollar being superseded as the world reserve currency, about the BRICS nations forming their own currency, and of India and China as rising superpowers when it comes to economic growth. As for some unexplored territory for companies to grow there is Africa, which in its own way, is a wild card as well. Or maybe Bitcoin will be the new world reserve currency? Who knows, but since western nations and central banks across the world are rushing to create and launch their own digital currencies, there is something in the blockchain technology definitely as well.

More importantly, the atmosphere is incredibly excited. Remember, when it comes to economy, there is always rise and fall. After a climb up, there will be a fall back down as well, and vice versa. The only things that slightly change is how high we're able to climb and how deep we'll end up falling, and how often those cycles repeat themselves. The atmosphere right now is loaded with anticipation of when we will begin to start climbing higher again, making people richer.

Exciting times ahead. No matter what happens, the ones invested in different markets and assets will be the winners, as they always are.