August 12th, 2023

Writing is fun

black and silver retractable pen on blank book

Something about book writing for a change. The Decline of Western Society is obviously nonfiction, and I consider it a serious project. That means, I did not write it to just lash out at everything I find wrong with the world but considering different sides of things as well. Even though the author's personal opinions and philosophy can most likely quite easily be read in between the lines, the book was written in order to criticize everything in need of criticism, not just the things I personally find most broken. Every piece of criticism should always be backed up by solid and trustworthy arguments as well. Hence the 12-page long list of references at the end of the book.

Before my first book, the longest piece of literature I must have ever written is my master's thesis. This is obviously something completely different, being an attempt at scientific research and practicing methodologies involved.

The second book I am working on now will be fiction. There will be no sources to utilize but my own imagination. Fact checking will be a piece of cake in comparison to nonfiction text utilizing various references, some of which come from scientific journals. Not that there would be no fact checking at all; even in fiction which is placed in real life locations, one can hardly go and alter the facts of that location or historic events which have taken place there, unless that is what is plot of the book would be based on.

When I compare these three different styles of literature to one another, they are all completely different. The biggest difference for me is that in the writing process the more scientific the text, the longer it takes to read stuff instead of just writing. When writing something completely fictional, I can just sit down and start typing whatever my mind is able to come up with. Considering that this is the first time I am doing something like this, the freshness of the style is exhilarating.

At the end of the day, no matter the style of the text, the process itself is usually fun. When writing about more serious topics, the fun may lie in learning and discovering new facts. When writing about something completely up to the imagination, it is fun to just roll through the story without stopping to think all too much in between. The only risk that lies therein is the need for some serious editing afterwards.

Whatever it is you are writing about, with the right mindset and attitude it can be fun and enjoyable.