July 29th, 2023

Stop caring too much II

Another reason for not worrying too much about failures and appearances is simply because they in the bigger scheme of things most likely do not matter all that much. Everything you do in life obviously has an impact on you and the people close to you, plus your surroundings, and that is why everyone should take their goals and actions in life seriously. But once you start to consider it philosophically, a single action of one human being very rarely affects the whole world. Naturally there is always a chance for that too, but most of the time it is not too likely.

The question becomes, how will you be remembered if you succeed or fail in your goals? Even better, 200 years from now, do you think that there will be a person on the planet who will still remember you or your actions? For the most of us, if we are brutally honest, the answer is most likely no.

Assuming that the big bang theory is correct, Homo Sapiens as a species on planet Earth has only existed for a flickering moment. Once we match that against the timeline of all existence, we have been virtually almost non-existent. Thus, your actions most likely do in fact not matter – in the grand scheme of things, that is. This is not meant to be a depressing thought, but an encouraging one that should be reserved especially for those agonizing moments of failure.

Pictured above is an electric eel which today got me into thinking about everything strange and magnificent that exists in the world of ours and all the events in evolution that have led us here in this point of time.