July 23rd, 2023

Stop caring too much I

blue and white single cab pickup truck parked near green tree during daytime

Illustrated above is one of the first results that spring into the minds of many when they think of The American Dream. A nuclear family of a man and a wife, at least two children, and perhaps a pet. A big house, a garage, and a good job. For many this understandably sounds like a dream, and it is in fact something many are reaching for with poor results.

Have you ever wondered why in these illustrations the car is always parked outside the garage, even though that is exactly what the garage has been designed for: the storage of cars? One obvious reason might be that just like in this picture, many buy a car so ridiculously big it will not even fit inside their garage. The more common reason, though, is that for many it is way too important to show their car off to other people, especially to neighbors.

Way too many keep acquiring things and achievements for all the wrong reasons. The wrong reason in this case would be that people think that other people need to be impressed, when in reality, they do not care, and neither should you.

Stop caring about what the other people might think of you if you owned a smaller car, or better yet, no car at all. Stop caring about what other people might think of you if you took a chance at trying something risky or new. Stop caring too much. It will only hinder you in life.

Instead, start caring about those things in life that are purposeful to you, and start taking chances to fulfill and achieve those purposes.