July 18th, 2023

What turning yourself off is and why you should not do it

person holding remote pointing at TV

The human wellbeing consists of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. To be content and happy, you generally need to be in a good physical health and shape, in a good mental balance, and have meaningful social relationships and interactions. These three sides of our wellbeing also interact with one another, for it is very rare to find a mentally ill individual in a good physical shape with lots of good friends around them, for instance. Succeeding or declining in one of these fields mostly means the others will either profit or suffer as well.

In my book I refer to the concept of turning off after a day at work, at school or similar such duty. You could describe this in many ways, whether it be turning off, shutting down, or powering off. It is almost similar to procrastination.

Many westerners have structured their weekdays like this:

  1. Waking up in the morning (roughly around 5-7 am)
  2. Going to work and/or school (roughly around 7 am-5 pm)
  3. Heading back home (roughly around 3-6 pm)
  4. Evening off (roughly around 5-10 pm)

The times will obviously vary, especially since there are people without work or such duties, and people with families, or someone might work in shifts all around the clock, etc. Despite those differences, what everyone should usually focus more on, is the number 4) on the list, for that is where you have the most control over how you spend your limited time of the day.

For far too many, their evenings off are spent collapsing on a couch, a bed or a chair, doing nothing. By doing nothing I mean watching television, browsing social media, or playing games. It can be anything which does not help you achieve anything when it comes to the three elements of our wellbeing: physical, mental, and social.

It is important to distinguish that our mental wellness does require us to take breaks. So doing some of these things from time to time can even be mandatory. The problems arise once it is all you do with the spare time you have left, imagining that all duties required of you end once you are finished with your daily work and with the necessary household tasks at home, such as shopping, cleaning, or taking care of your family. Besides those, to lead a happy life of wellness, it is my firm belief that you need to actively exercise your physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Never just completely turn off.