July 6th, 2023

Media lies

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Excuse me for jumping straight to the provocative point. Just as I believe there is a special place in hell reserved for certain journalists, there is a special section reserved for media in my book (psst, it's out and only 0.99 $ + VAT for the ebook!). Even though it is clear that pretty much all forms of media are one of the biggest losers in this decline we are living in, the most traditional form of media, which is called mainstream media, is the biggest loser of all. The average quality of news and journalism we are witnessing today is simply horrendous.

This is not to say that there are no good journalists or high quality news out there. There most certainly are. The problem is, there is no one official go-to place for news which one could trust as implicitly as possible. There are a few problems with mainstream media nowadays:

  1. The news is almost always politically affiliated
  2. The things that should get mentioned, will not always be mentioned due to problem #1
  3. The things that should not get mentioned, will definitely be continuously broadcasted due to problem # 1
  4. Because of these political affiliations, articles include insinuations and messages in between the lines put there deliberately by the writer
  5. Mainstream media has taken a hit because of social media and alternative media

The news articles about rioting in France are one example. The biggest media outlets have obviously been broadcasting the subject rather widely, but despite this being one of the biggest current events in the world, many countries' local news outlets have stayed completely silent. And whenever there is a piece of news, it is babble about some politically topic such as constructive racism or how much police brutality France has seen in the the last decade.

Whereas these can be very real problems, this is not what is happening right now, hence these are written only to distract readers from the very real current events!

Need I go into the state of news about when the subject is strictly political? Apart from those media outlets that are directly affiliated with some other party, it is quite well known that journalists are siding heavily with the far-left side of the political spectrum. Thus we will keep seeing praising headlines about Joe Biden – no matter what he does – and journalists' hissy fits disguised as news about Donald Trump – again, no matter what he does.

There are problems with other medias as well besides the mainstream ones. But the mainstream media bias is far more destructive, for out of all the possible types of media out there, it still has the most influence over people.

People will cope with this in different ways. Quite certainly, many are not even understanding the depth and scale of reliability of mainstream media sources crumbling – or they simply do not care.

For me, the coping mechanism has been to drastically reduce the amount of mainstream media I am willing to consume, since I find the quality so bad it is too infuriating to read.