July 2nd, 2023

A forbidden topic

What might the topic be, hmm? The chaos in France, or pondering about various causes which might have led to this? Immigration, racism, politics, politicians, religion, or perhaps police brutality?

Let's skip those (for now). Honestly, who would want to discuss those topics with their own name? Not too many, since discussing ANY of those topics nowadays, even with a western country in flames, and an incredible amount of suffering, will most likely mean consequences for the one willing risk speaking about them. Whether it might mean losing a job, receiving hate mail, getting cancelled, or even death threats, the consequences are there. Despite the fact that there are clear causes which are killing people and causing immeasurable amount of damage right now.

So how are we able to collaborate on ideas about stopping this violence or preventing it from happening again if we cannot speak about the causes with their actual names? We are not.

So frustrating.