June 27th, 2023

Authorship and the extras involved

yellow fireworks in the sky during nighttime


As for the celebrations, that's enough for now. The writing process has been nothing like the picture would suggest, and even the big finale of actually having the book out in the open brought up very few celebratory moments. Instead, whereas this has all taken a whole lot of work, it will keep doing so even now.

I obviously have no accurate statistics, but a great deal of time spent on the book has gone into many other things besides the actual writing. Hence "the extras involved", as is insinuated in the title of this blog post. The groundwork and everything needing to be done around the book itself took me by surprise, and in case you have ever planned to become an author, or are even writing a book right now, be warned that the process will involve lots of other work besides writing. Work like:

  • Reading and studying source material
  • Editing the book
  • Formatting the book
  • Marketing the book
  • Proofreading
  • Communications
  • Learning about ISBN, copyrights, and disclaimers

The list is by no means exhaustive, albeit the work itself can be exhausting (pun intended). For me, learning to create this website and handling social media to promote the book have been and still are the toughest nuts to crack. For someone else maybe not so much, and depending on the book, there might be no reason to study and specific references for it. In some cases, you can just start writing! Anyhow, since I have never been the one to give up on things I find interesting and worth striving for, this has all most definitely been worth it. Besides, I have always been suffering and benefiting from the nagging voices which Mr. Money Mustache quite wonderfully described in his blog post back in 2015.

I have never cared for short term spikes of dopamine. Instead, I love long projects which I get to close up with pride. Projects where you can state that you are the one who managed to do something all the way up from scratch until finish. Even though the work with this website and other projects will still go on, one of the first milestones has now been reached. It might be that my book will sell well, or only a couple of copies. Nevertheless, this has all been worth it.